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Visitor Attractions in Harrogate this March

Harrogate has a lot to offer to its visitors in terms of the attractions available and the things to do in Harrogate and attracts thousands of tourists every year. This is such an historical and unique town and comes as no surprise that Harrogate is very well known to tourists all over the UK and overseas. 
The town of Harrogate is so eloquent and relaxing with several things to do that this is the perfect get away for Easter.

The types of attractions to see vary but there is something for everyone to do or to see. A list of the main attractions: –

  • Historic Buildings – a chance to see some fine architecture that is steeped in history.
  • Turkish Baths – Turkish Baths are perfect for relaxing and to detoxify. People can enjoy a hot sauna, a spa pool and even a toning plunge pool. All this is surrounded by outstanding Victorian architecture.
  • Valley Gardens – stunning and very pretty gardens in and around the centre of Harrogate. The flowers on show and the gardens themselves are so beautiful and elegant. The Valley Gardens covers 17 acres of land and consists of rare alpine plants, bright flower displays and 36 mineral wells.
  • Well known and very popular tearooms and cafes- Betty’s tea room is amongst the best in the country and is very famous. Or if a tea room doesn’t take your fancy try one or several of the laid back style cafes in the heart of Harrogate town.
  • Royal Pump Room Museum – situated within Harrogate’s premier spa building, this involves a tour of what spa’s in Victorian times use to be like. A very interesting tour.
  • Theatres and Festivals – the Royal hall theatre is a spectacularly built Edwardian theatre hall that has housed and shown many first class plays and musical performances over the years.
  • Harrogate International Centre – is a first class well known venue that holds a host of events, plays and musicals amongst several other types of events. Keep an eye on what is going to be on at the Harrogate International Centre over Easter and after March.

If you require further information regarding the attractions in Harrogate or what’s on in Harrogate in March, please do not hesitate to contact the Grafton Hotel – we are very friendly and would be more than happy to help with your stay in Harrogate.


The Grafton Hotel Harrogate has special room offers for guests available throughout March – keep an eye on future room offers.


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